Anti-Trump Muslim Ban protest in Brum today

From 6-8pm

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An emergency protest against Trump’s recent anti-Muslim ban is being held in Birmingham today (30th January) at Victoria Square.

The Facebook event states that: “Theresa May has betrayed her own people. That doesn’t mean we have to. Let’s stand in solidarity with those targeted by Donald Trump’s hateful government.”

Victoria Square

The protest is from 6pm to 9pm later today. Nearly 1,000 people on Facebook have already said that they are attending the event.

This Facebook event declares that: “Theresa May has decided to ally herself with Donald Trump’s bigoted, misogynistic government. She has refused to speak out against Donald Trump’s #MuslimBan – even when her own Members of Parliament are targeted. It is not only weak, it is a matter of national shame – disgracing our country across the world.

Directions to Victoria Square

It continues to say that: “Other governments – like Canada, like France, like Germany – have spoken out. Our weak, cowardly government has refused to. Let’s not have the same cowardice and betrayal as our own government.”