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BREAKING: Old Joe is chiming again

We were starting to worry!

Legs 11 on Broad Street ‘drugged’ and ‘defrauded’ customers

Up to £90,000 was stolen

Student’s Macbook stolen in new library

‘Three other laptops were left unattended but only mine disappeared’

Birmingham takes a battering from Storm Doris

An amber warning has been issued

Breaking: body found on the Vale

The area has been cordoned off by police

Anti-Trump Muslim Ban protest in Brum today

From 6-8pm

UoB students mugged in Selly Oak

One student was beaten across the jaw

Police issue public alert after man tries to hug random women in Selly

Be careful guys

Brum has been called one of the ‘sleaziest cities’, and we’re not surprised

There’s over 390 places of ‘sexual entertainment’

Huge blaze in Digbeth industrial unit

Fire services have called the incident ‘severe’.

A letter to all the cat-callers in Selly

Yes I know I have boobs, they’re on MY chest

House on Dawlish Road burgled after house party

There’s been three burglaries reported this weekend

An anti-Islam demonstration is taking place in Birmingham today

‘Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West’ are marching through the city this afternoon

Players bouncer jailed for savage attack on innocent bystander

The brutal assault left Steven Hartland with serious brain damage

Meet the fifth year giving out sanitary products to homeless women in Birmingham

She calls her initiative the ‘Homeless Period’

We caught a man trying to masturbate outside our Selly home

Close your blinds on Hubert Road

Student starts petition demanding increased police presence in Selly

She wants ‘more proactive’ measures to ensure our safety

There was another mugging on Hubert Road late last night

It’s the fourth reported attack in the past week

Tory cuts are forcing Brum students to leave Selly Oak and live at home

‘I just can’t afford it anymore’

Selly Oak horror stories: The strangest things to have ever happened

Remember when Spenny Matthews spent a night here?