An anti-Islam demonstration is taking place in Birmingham today

‘Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West’ are marching through the city this afternoon

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Members of the far-right group Pediga are holding a demonstration at Birmingham International Business Park right now.

Pegida was founded in Germany and has said it is concerned about the number of people who adhere to strict interpretations of Islam.

This is the group’s second UK demonstration and was organised by Tommy Robinson, founder of the English Defence League.

Organisers say the protest will be a “peaceful, silent demonstration against radical Islam” with the main focus of the demonstration against “mass immigration and Islamisation.”

In a statement, Pegida said:”The walk will be peaceful and silent so please ensure that there is NO chanting.

“NO consumption of alcohol will be allowed, anyone seen consuming alcohol will have it taken away or be asked to leave the Walk, there are to be NO face coverings if you wear one you will be asked to remove it.

“Please do not wear colours from other Organisations/groups as well as Flags from other Organisations/groups.”

Opponents of the group will be holding a rally in Victoria Square and claim Pegida is attempting to “bring division” to Birmingham and stand against their “racist, Islamophobic and fascist views.”

West Midlands Police say they will have a significant presence at the demonstrations and will not tolerate any trouble.

Increased policing around the demonstrations will however mean that neighbourhood policing will suffer this weekend.