House on Dawlish Road burgled after house party

There’s been three burglaries reported this weekend

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Student house on Dawlish Road becomes the third target of the weekend for Selly Oak burglars. 

The break-in, which was reported on the Fab page,  comes swiftly in the wake of two other burglaries on Heeley Road and Luton Road that were also reported by victims on the Fab Facebook page.

The latest incident happened on Dawlish Road

MSci Physics student Sam Clatworthy told The Tab: “We’d had a party on Friday night and made sure to secure the windows and doors properly afterwards. On Saturday evening, we went to bed at 1am.

“Between 1am and 9am on Sunday morning someone had entered the house through a window, stolen things from the living room and exited out one of the doors.”

Sam said that the window was not left open after the party, but the burglar still managed to get inside without smashing the glass.

He added: “When I came downstairs, the living room window on the left side of the house was open and the door was unlocked too, which is how they must have gotten out.

“They stole my laptop from downstairs, a sound system, a microphone, a phone and other cables and chargers. They must have come in whilst we were all asleep upstairs.”

The boys fear that their house may have been a target, as they “decked out the outside of the house like Club Tropicana” for the house party the previous night.

The boys take serious pride in their house party décor

Sam praised the response of the Selly Oak Police, who took statements and forensics from the scene: “They were very thorough. The Policeman checked the house and took a statement from us for the investigation.

“He checked that we all still had our house keys.

“He also asked if I’m going to need any counselling for potential trauma, but I think I’m going to be okay this time!”

Sam said that he was not expecting to track down the stolen items, considering the track record of previous Selly Oak burglaries.

He said: “The person who stole our stuff has probably sold it on miles away – I’m not counting on getting it back.”