UoB students mugged in Selly Oak

One student was beaten across the jaw

Hubert Road news selly the tab

Two female students at the University of Birmingham were beaten and robbed by a gang of muggers this Thursday. The attack took place at 10:45pm on Hubert Road as the two students were walking to a friends house for pre drinks. As the two girls were walking along a silver car pulled up next to them and two attackers emerged.

The attackers started to assault one student, wrestling her bumbag off her. In response to this her friend proceeded to try and help get the attackers off of her. At this point, the student who had been trying to keep hold of her bumbag was beaten across the jaw.

Luckily the students friends were soon able to arrive to help them out as they were walking to the same pres.

Unfortunately the attackers used this confusion to pass themselves off as pedestrians and disappear back into their car and speed away with the bumbag which contained £10 cash, a new iPhone, a debit card and a passport.

Hubert Road – scene of Thursday’s awful attack

The attackers have been described as Female, White British, mid 20s, 5’4 – 5’6 and wearing dark hooded clothing.

The police were called immediately after the assault and were on the scene in a short period of time to collect statements about the incident. If you know have any information about this crime or other crime in the Selly Oak area then please insure you always inform the local police to help them with their efforts.