An ice rink and helter skelter will be part of the Winter Spectacular

omg what

Fourth year denied extenuating circumstances despite being raped

She is now campaigning to include sexual assault in the uni’s policy

Couple had paint poured over them when walking under Selly canal bridge

The culprit is still on the loose

Second year rescued by police after being marched to cashpoint by thugs

‘The police saved my student loan as well as me’

World’s oldest Qur’an manuscript found at Birmingham Uni

The author could have known the Prophet Muhammad personally

Manifesto calls for better housing and end to unpaid internships

Who knew UoB and BCU would work together?

We’re all voting Tory in this election

We’re so elite

Thug who stole phones and laptops from halls banged up

The dopey criminal left behind a sheet of paper with his name and address

Accounting student who died in cliff top fall was dodging a taxi fare

He died in December last year

Troublemaker ‘frogmarched’ out of library by security after barging in

He didn’t have ID

House ablaze on Hubert Road

Fire engines are at the scene

Racists spray swastika and ‘Islam must die’ message on campus

One read: ‘Islam must die’

Our university is one of the most gay friendly workplaces in the whole country

We’re chuffed

Outrage after ‘terror expert’ slams Birmingham as a ‘Muslim only city’

He’s said sorry

‘Facebook fraud has made me a gay icon’: Second year’s identity stolen by a catfish

And he even has the cheek to photoshop my pictures