Luke Terry

Luke Terry
Birmingham University


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Which is the best energy drink to get you through revision?

We took one for the team and tried them all

We’re all voting Tory in this election

We’re so elite

Sex Cells does sex pretty well

The atmosphere was palpable

No one cares about the Guild because they have given us no reason to

No wonder turnout is so low

Which Guild election candidate would win in a fight?

Vote for the hardest contender

The Tab Oscars: The worst student videos of the year

The Tabscars

How to have a romantic Valentine’s Day (for one)

No it’s not sad at all..

Why Valentine’s Day sucks

Someone needs to stop this madness

How to have a Superbowl party

Everyone else will talk about it anyway

Outrage after ‘terror expert’ slams Birmingham as a ‘Muslim only city’

He’s said sorry

We discovered what 08.12.14 is, and it’s bum out

The Guild’s latest scheme has been revealed, much to everyone’s disappointment

Which STI is which hall?

Bonus points if you got the STI your hall relates to

The Tab tries: Drinkify

The new drinking game set to change predrinking forever

Farewell Snobs: we say goodbye as it moves to its new home

Snobs’ final night was overwhelmingly normal

Snobs don’t want you to come to their closing night

Snobs will host its last night on a Sunday in the hope not many people will go

Review: The Trojan Women

Luke Terry was stunned by 3Bugs’ production of ‘The Trojan Women’

Meet the BNP Youth, they’re absolutely terrifying

Move aside, Leni Riefenstahl, the British National Party have filmed some teenagers having a go at Stephen Lawrence’s mum

Club photos of the week

It’s back: This week Club Photos has contorted faces, a flasher and some truly messed up eyes!

Campus Myths: from secret passageways to the cursed clocktower

True or false? You decide…

POLL: Which Guild election candidate would win in a fight?

Voting opened today, but what we really want to know is which guild election candidate would win in a fight?

Winter Olympic sports you can play around Campus

From curling to defending the rights of homosexuals, bring a little bit of Sochi to the Midlands

10 tips for Brits watching the Superbowl

With the Super Bowl XLVIII on until the early hours of tomorrow morning, Luke Terry gives his ten tips on how to watch Rugby with adverts.

Your vagina doesn’t care about charity

Movember, Decembeard, Fanuary: at this rate, I can’t wait for Cocktober.

Tab tries: Fetish Society

Luke Terry dispels all rumours about UoB’s Fetish Society

Review: Mercury Fur

Luke Terry witnessed intense acting and horror in Infinity Stage Company’s production of ‘Mercury Fur’

Rumbled: Sabbs show their true colours

Photos have emerged of current and former Sabbatical officers donning ‘racist’ fancy dress

Scariest Halloween costumes for each degree

Luke provides some alternative fancy dress ideas for Halloween, with degree subjects in mind

Five reasons Gatecrasher Birmingham sucks

Luke Terry isn’t a fan of Gatecrasher. Here’s why.

The Tab turns food critic

The Tab checked out the food, and Tory wet dreams, on campus.

10 tips for Freshers

Listen up, Freshers! Uncle Luke has some words of wisdom for you

How to avoid post exam boredom

Some ‘helpful’ ways to avoid post-exam boredom from Luke Terry

Top 10 Ways to Increase Exam Stress

Fresher Luke only needs 40% to pass and he’s not feeling too stressed. And he feels like he’s missing out, so he’s come up with top ten ways to increase exam stress.

Spare a thought for the Golf Managers this exam season

Luke Terry on pissing off golf management students and twitter abuse

10 ways to increase exam stress

Fresher Luke only needs 40% to pass and he’s not feeling too stressed. And he feels like he’s missing out, so he’s come up with top ten ways to increase exam stress.

‘I got my prize out at Nightingales’

Luke provides the inside scoop on a Tab night out.

Saving money, but still drinking

Counting the pennies to make them last? Luke Terry talks you through the art of minesweeping.