Troublemaker ‘frogmarched’ out of library by security after barging in

He didn’t have ID

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A rabble rouser was ushered out of the library after abusing staff and charging in without his ID card.

Security escorted the man out of 5C last night, after witnesses heard shouting on the stairs.

It is not know whether the perpetrator – who then proceeded to take a seat in the library after causing a disturbance – is a student.

He was soon pursued by security guys, yet refused to look at, or talk to them.

The man in question…

The incident, which occurred in area 5C, took a turn for the worse when security staff asked the offender to produce a valid student ID card.

At which point, he became violent and attempted to escape by climbing over chairs and tables, before being pinned down by security staff.

Security staff then called the police and witnesses say the intruder was arrested.

Library drama

Alex, who witnessed the event, told The Tab: “When he came in, the security guy beckoned to me and my boyfriend that we should move out the way, so we moved to the other side of the room.

“That made me a bit nervous but to be honest the security guys had it so under control it was actually just quite funny.

“Eventually the guy stood up and looked like he was trying to get away, so the security guys surrounded him while they waited for back up.

“The guy then tried to climb over the tables and chairs to get away from them so they ended up having to pin him against the wall.

“He still wouldn’t really talk or show them his ID so they called the police and frogmarched him out.”