Racists spray swastika and ‘Islam must die’ message on campus

One read: ‘Islam must die’

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Bigoted vandals sprayed racist slurs on a campus building today.

Slogans such as “Islam must die” and swastikas have been sprayed on the Psychology building.

A disgusted witness told The Tab: “It is scary to think there are people out there who have these thoughts.

“Campus should remain a safe space for everyone.

“Every student, irrespective of his or her race, religion, gender or sexuality should feel no fear or intimidation walking into campus.”

Hannah, a third year student, said: ‘As a Jewish student, I find it deeply disturbing that the rising antisemitism in Europe has reached our campus.

“This incident seeks to make students of all minority groups feel alienated on the basis of their religious beliefs or background, and must be condemned.

“As students of a university that promotes diversity and tolerance, it is important that we stand together in the face of such hatred.”

An Islamic student, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Students deserve to walk around Campus free from fear. That was not the case at University of Birmingham today.

“Intimidated and scared by Nazi swastikas and hate messages sprayed around campus, students, especially those of minority backgrounds have been left scared and alarmed.

“Birmingham is a city and University rich in cultural and ethnic diversity and any form of hostility must remain unwelcome. All students, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexuality have the right to freely express their identity on campus. The attacks were a nasty attempt to silence and frighten students.

“We must show that this is not acceptable and stand up to all forms of racism and discrimination.”

The Guild of Students has a strict no-tolerance policy on any form of discrimination.

It is not yet known who the perpetrators of this hate crime are.

Police and campus security have been informed of the incident.