Manifesto calls for better housing and end to unpaid internships

Who knew UoB and BCU would work together?

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Disgusted campaigners have demanded landlords are more accountable and called time on poor quality housing.

Two students from Uni of and BCU have joined forces to launch Birmingham Asks, dubbing it the “Official Birmingham Student Manifesto”.

The document details issues making every student angry, including mouldy houses and unpaid internships.

The rival unis have outlined what over 52,500 students want from their future MP, focusing on three areas of concern to unite students: housing, employability and community.

They have dictated a city-wide Landlord Accreditation Scheme, the scrapping of letting agency fees, and end to unpaid internships exploiting students and investment in public transport.

The petition hopes to improve standards of living for student areas

The manifesto said: “Landlords and agencies can prey on vulnerable students who are living independently in the private rented sector for the first time, meaning many students pay over the odds for poor quality, sub-standard accommodation.

“Mould and damp are prevalent in a lot of these houses and brushed over as part of what is deemed to be part of student life.

“This poor quality housing can affect student’s health and well-being, and can cause serious academic problems because the condition of some properties is a real problem and worry for these students.”

They added: “Some students simply cannot afford and do not have the means to support themselves doing an unpaid internship.

“This leads to many who come from lower income families not being granted an opportunity to develop their skills and progress further into their career choice even though they may be extremely talented.”

Despite the fact crime rates have dropped significantly, there is still a fear of crime when living in areas like Selly Oak, Aston and Perry Barr.

Jack Mably, Vice President (Housing & Community) said: “The Birmingham Student Manifesto highlights the lack of political apathy when it comes to students.

“Time and time again we see young people failing to register to vote because politicians don’t take them seriously.

“Here we have three pressing issues relevant to students living in Birmingham.”

Second Year student Daisy told The Tab: “It’s great to see students take action for this sort of thing.

“Everyone moans about it, but maybe something will be done about it now.”