Brum has been called one of the ‘sleaziest cities’, and we’re not surprised

There’s over 390 places of ‘sexual entertainment’

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Birmingham has now been labelled as “one of the sleaziest cities in the country”, according to the Birmingham Mail.

Stats, from Midland councils, now say there are over 390 places of “sexual entertainment” in England and Wales, 16 of which are in Birmingham. This includes, but doesn’t stop at, “176 sexual entertainment venues and 12 sex cinemas”.

If that wasn’t enough, it doesn’t stop there as police have even been “offered sex”, at a brothel on Summer Hill road in Brum. Inside what was recently converted from a family business to a lap dancing club, the police found the place to be in full swing; full of women and not lacking in customers.

It’s certainly a mixed vibe when our city is named one of the “hotspots for sex establishments”. There are many reasons to be proud of the city we live in, but this one is a real set-back.

But Saturday’s article can confirm that, compared to London, “home” means lap dancing clubs and “sex venues”. There’s seven in Wolverhampton and 30 in Westminster, which is “one sex establishment for every 8,077 people”. The figures, it’s safe to say, have shocked many.

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