Here’s why pole fitness is a real sport

It’s more physically demanding than ‘male’ sports

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Pole Fitness may have become more socially acceptable over the last few years but many stereotypes seem to have stuck. As co-treasurer of UOB’s Pole Fitness, I’ve seen just how these stereotypes affect our 150 plus members. At Sports Night we have to put up with many lads abusing us, shouting thing like “sluts”, “strippers” and “give us a lap dance”. But we’re tired of hearing this rubbish. Pole Fitness is a real sport, and a bloody hard one at that.

Pole requires a ridiculous level of strength and fitness

It’s not just about dancing by a pole as people think. It’s incredibly demanding, and you have to be super fit to take part. As Issy, President of UOB’s Pole Fitness, explains: “When people first hear about pole fitness they assume it’s just dancing around a pole. But really it’s focused on individual moves that improve strength – especially the core.”

Pole Fitness is for boys and girls

People always think pole fitness is a “girls only” sport. This is not true – it is a unisex sport, which is challenging for both men and women. In fact, Pole Fitness is arguably more demanding than other “male” sports. Kojian, Pole Fitness’ male committee member said: “Compared to other sports I have done like Jiu Jitsu, boxing, and basketball, Pole fitness is much more challenging. The intense moves and routines require a lot from an individual both physically and mentally.”

Like other sports, Pole takes hours of practise and dedication to improve

Katie, Pole Fitness’ Vice President explains: “I’ve been doing rowing for a term and I’ve already competed in one competition and won, yet I’ve done pole for a year and a half and I would barely class myself as a beginner – the moves are physically demanding and you need an extremely good muscle foundation do to it well.”

We take part in national competitions

To even attend a regional competition, great dedication and practice is needed to become apart of the squad. Pole Fitness member Chloe recalls her experience at Derby: “I loved choreographing a routine as I got to play to my own strengths. Seeing everyone else perform was incredible, there was so much talent!”

So the next time you find out that someone does Pole Fitness, remember, it is as challenging as any other sport – if not more so.