Brum is ranked one of the most neighbourly cities in the UK

Who knew Brummies were so friendly?

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Research, conducted by the Co-op has revealed that Birmingham is the 5th most neighbourly city in the UK.

This has been measured by how comfortable people are to ask their neighbours for a favour.

Sheffield is the most communal capital where three quarters of the respondents would be happy to call on up to five people to request a favour such as accepting a package, borrowing a household item or just having a good old chat.


This is a stark contrast to the rest of the UK where one in six of those under 35 claim that they cannot depend upon their neighbours.

The top ten neighbourly cities are:

  1. Sheffield
  2. Norwich
  3. Nottingham
  4. Edinburgh
  5. Birmingham
  6. Manchester
  7. Bristol
  8. London
  9. Leeds
  10. Newcastle