If you don’t spend your loan on travelling, you’re doing uni wrong

It’ll look good on your CV too

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At university we get into a routine of lectures, coursework, exams and, of course, getting smashed. Yes, visits to home friends or your family happen on the odd occasion, but generally speaking, us students are stuck in groundhog day until we finally escape university into, oh yeah, more 9-5 monotony.

If you’re a wild spender, you’re probably also sponging off your relatives until your loan comes in. But if you keep a watchful eye on your bank account, you can save up enough money to travel.

Be it a mad-one in Kavos with the squad or a trip to a city you’ve always wanted to visit, saving the money to travel is worth it. Trust me, you should be saving your student loan to travel.


What happens in Kavos…

I managed four visits to different European countries last year. How? By travelling within Europe, obviously. It’s so cheap! Whether going on the Eurostar or splashing out on a flight, you CAN afford to travel – and you’ll arrive at your destination in no time.

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Return trip to Berlin for 42 quid? Bargain.

Yes, a part time job does help funding trips, but if you cut back on that designer make-up or premium vodka, at least one trip is achievable.

There are also so many positives of travelling. You get to relax, but you also explore a new place, experience different cultures, and meet new people. It also means you get a break from coursework, which is a winner.


Compulsory selfie

If you manage to save enough so that you can volunteer or do work experience abroad, you are doing uni right. Getting a graduate job after university will be competitive. If you want to pursue your dream career, you have to find a way to stand out from from the crowd – a job in your local town won’t cut it I’m afraid.

Time abroad will enhance the skills which employers look for. You will become more independent through living away from your friends and family. Your confidence will grow as you realise you can organise a trip and stand on your own two feet. Organisation, determination and more importantly uniqueness will also be displayed to employers.

With all of these attributes, the chances of getting your dream job are much more in your favour. So really, there’s nothing to lose by going abroad.

Travelling while a uni student is the prime time to do so. You aren’t pinned down to a job and you are already in debt – so one more trip won’t hurt.


So happy to get away from everything

So my advice is to make the most of being a student and travel while you can. After-all, there’s nothing better than getting away from all the stresses of university life.