Why couldn’t the couple having sex in Fab wait until they got home?

It really isn’t that hard

Yesterday all anyone in Brum could talk about were the photos of an anonymous couple having sex at Fab. The images were posted on the  Fab N Fresh Facebook page but were swiftly taken down – but by this point the damage had already been done.

Within minutes the graphic photos were posted in group chats on WhatsApp and Facebook for all to see. By Sunday evening nearly every UoB student had heard about the events at Fab. The couple can hardly be surprised. Having sex openly in public is always risky and, not matter how drunk they were, surely they knew they their exploits would be plastered over every corner of the internet. All of which begs the question: Did the couple want this attention? The answer is surely not. Yet if you have sex in a public place full of drunk students, what can you really expect?

Caught by students in a well lit corridor

The chance of someone taking a photo of you in the act should be a big enough turn off in itself. Granted, remembering this risk while intoxicated and in the midst of passion may not be so easy, but there’s a time and place to have sex – and this wasn’t one of them. Fab is a student night where you are definitely going to see people you know, so stripping off and having sex on a stairwell might not be the best idea. Do you really want that third year from your seminar stumble upon you with your trousers round your ankles having sex? I thought not.

Also, is it really that hard to wait to get back to the privacy of your home? I’ve never felt the desire to start banging on a stairwell. A taxi ride home doesn’t take that long. Plus, at home you have the comfort of being in your own bed. Doesn’t that sound more appealing than the dirty floor of a club?

Then there’s also the stick you have to deal with when people find out. After the incident on Sunday, students became very vocal with their opinions of the couple on Yik Yak. Some didn’t agree with the public display, as seen here:

Got a point to be fair

Meanwhile, others saw the funny side:

These Yaks suggest most people are fortunately seeing the comedic value of the event, and I sincerely hope the couple involved are in on the the joke too. Otherwise they will live in fear of having photos of their faces exposed, mid-sex, on social media. After all, if you can’t laugh with everyone else when they find out about your very public antics, you should probably avoid having sex in front of people in the first place.