Staying until the lights come on in Fab makes the night

We’ve got no time for the people who stop drinking at 2am

FAB centurion granted free entry for tonight’s event

And it’s all because of The Tab

Heroic fifth year set to attend landmark 100th FAB this Saturday

She’s kept every single entry ticket

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It isn’t as happy as we’d all like to believe

Fresher breaks into flat using tin foil after forgetting to take keys to Fab

His keys were on his bed

The sofas in Beorma are just one of the reasons why it’s the best bit of Fab

It’s seriously chill

The underground is the best floor of Fab

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bump and grind

Clubbers of the week: Vodbull special

Poppin bottles

Girls kicked out of Fab for weeing in the men’s toilets

It’s a shorter queue tbf

Second year brought his mum to Fab

She went to Ibiza for her 50th

Heels make your legs look longer but you won’t catch me dead in them

Does anyone actually enjoy wearing them?

Just because I dress as a sexy cat for Halloween doesn’t mean I’m not a feminist

Purr-lease leave the sexy cat alone

Sexual assault in Selly Oak: My lucky escape

An increase in sexual assaults means we all have to be on our guard

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The superclub is dead

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Fab is the worst night out there is

There is nothing fab about it