Where are the best places to buy booze in Selly?

Because we can’t afford to pre drink at The S’oak

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Everyone is familiar with the most obvious places to purchase your weekly alcohol in Selly, at either supermarkets such as Aldi, Tesco or Sainsbury’s. But we all know booze that isn’t on offer at Tesco and Sainsbury’s can be dreadfully expensive and let’s face it, we’re probably going to spend a fortune on drink in a club anyway. So cheap pres are essential.

There are smaller, independent stores lurking around Selly Oak that sell alcohol, but most people don’t consider going in as the shops look dodgy. After doing some research, it was actually pleasantly surprising to find that some of these stores sell quality alcohol at reasonable prices.

Is it time to change where you buy your booze?



Cheap alcohol is always on offer, which is expected as Aldi is famous for being cheap and convenient for any student on a budget. Aldi sell their own brand or mimic branded products so you are able to keep prices low, for example, you can buy ‘Coronita’ instead of Corona. To give you some idea on how much drinks cost, the price of 70cl of vodka, gin or rum is £9.99 and a bottle of red or white wine is £2.99 so you are able to spend a little, but drink a lot!


The biggest disadvantage of shopping at Aldi, is the fact that it doesn’t sell anything branded. Most students are more than happy to put up with the shit quality to get them drunk, but if you prefer the ‘proper’ stuff, Aldi alcohol shopping isn’t for you. Aldi also seems to be very strict on ID, even though you are obviously a student buying booze for the night or staff have seen you shopping there consistently, they insist you confirm your age every time. Aldi’s range is also extremely limited, if you’re into your Sambuca or Tequila shots, you won’t be able to find them in Aldi.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s


Both Tesco and Sainsbury’s also provide cheap alcohol with their own brands: ‘Tesco value’ and ‘Sainsbury’s basics’. For a bottle of Tesco Value Vodka you only have to pay £10 and £10.50 for Sainsbury’s Basics Vodka although there’s a 1 in 5 chance these drinks are also used as industrial cleaners. Branded drinks are also available in these stores for a few more quid- a bottle of 70cl Smirnoff Red Vodka is £14 at Tesco and £16 at Sainsbury’s.


The Tesco Express at the petrol station is open 24/7 but there are restrictions on what time you can purchase alcohol. You wouldn’t be able to buy your after party wine at Tesco Express, that’s for sure.

University Superstore and OMCO Convenience


The University Superstore and OMCO both sell other everyday items as well as alcohol. Both have a wide range of branded alcohol on offer but on some occasions, the University Superstore is slightly more expensive as they charge £14.99 for 70cl of Smirnoff Red Vodka when it’s £13.99 at OMCO. The University Superstore also sells alcohol until 4am and starts again at 6am – a bonus for literal all night drinkers.


These independent stores do not purely sell alcohol, so the variety is slightly limited to other independent stores in Selly.

Drinks 2 Go


Drinks 2 Go is an independent outlet in Selly open until 4am where many students go to purchase their drinks for pres or grab their clubbing tickets. The late opening hours means you can stumble home from a night out and carry on for all you hardened drinkers. Drinks 2 Go ONLY sell alcohol and soft drinks for mixers so they have a huge variety of choice including everything from shots such as sourz to beers and wine.

Drinks 2 Go also offer reasonably priced branded alcohol, a bottle of 70cl Smirnoff Red vodka is £13.79 which is slightly cheaper than what you would get at Tesco. But usually, it is a great place to go if you want a couple of bottles of wine for £5.50. Drinks 2 Go is an independent outlet so you don’t have to provide ID and the customer service is always excellent. It is pleasant to be greeted by a friendly shop owner who offers you free bags and lollies- no innuendo intended, seriously he’s not that bad I mean, who doesn’t love the Drinks 2 Go man?


What cons?

After a lot of thought, Drinks 2 Go doesn’t seem to have any cons that stand out. It is definitely the best store for alcohol shopping in Selly. So next time you plan on getting smashed, Drinks 2 Go is the place 2 go.

And yes, I got a picture with the legend…