Top typical UOB student conversations

‘Don’t talk to me about dissertations’

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As a student, you (supposedly) have a structured day to day life where you are constantly meeting new people. This means that over the years you will end up repeating conversations a lot. A prime example of this is the standard introduction where you exchange your name, your year and your degree.

There are many typical statements that scream “I’m a UOB student”. Here are the best of the best:

“Danger Fab?”

“I’ve heard they have 100 tickets at the door.”

“Are you really going to get there at 10pm though?”

“Mate, I haven’t even started pre-drinking yet!”

Don’t bother

“I can’t be bothered to cook, fancy going to the Goose?”

“It’s packed. Soak?”

“How about Bristol Pear – if you’ve got the money.”

“You know I’m broke… Roosters?”

“That’s grim mate.”

“Trip to Aldi anyone?”

“Will it be busy?”

“When does it close?”

“We have the nicest looking campus in the world.”

“Have you seen old Joe when the sun sets?”

“Yes, but have you seen it when there’s no clouds?”

“Yes, well have you taken a selfie with it?”

“Yes, but have you got one of your mates to take a photo of you with your dissertation by old Joe?”

“Don’t talk to me about dissertations.”

“Is our email @bham.student or @student.bham?”

“Nope, done it wrong again.”

“Why are there no plug sockets that work?”

“When’s the new library going to be open again?”

“But what will happen with the old one?”

“My card won’t scan.”

 “Try swiping it instead?”

“It’s still not working!!”

“Go to the desk then! Look how many people you’ve held up!”

“I have been to the library before, I promise!”