Fab N Fresh has extended its opening hours

Viva la sesh

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Starting this term, Fab N Fresh is now open till 4AM, and we can’t believe it. The days of standing around drunk belting out Robbie Williams or Oasis at 2:59 are no more. How do people feel though about this? I’ve spoken to some of the team at the Guild of Students and some Fab-goers to get their opinions on the matter.

Here we have an antique fab ticket from the dark times

Final year English language student Nina Magill, who has worked bar in Joe’s since 1st year, said: “I get why they wanted to do it, but I would’ve been appreciated if staff had been asked their opinions”.

I also spoke to one of those on the frontline at Fab, security enforcer Wilson Woon. He did not see the changes in an overly negative or positive manner but expressed concern for the morale and the energy levels among the staff in the long term.

Fab ‘n’ Sesh

Not everyone was filled with such disdain towards the changes. Final year English language student James Marvin said: “I can’t afford my rent now I have an extra hour of buying £2.75 VKs but it’s worth it”. This is indeed an issue which we can all relate to.

Meanwhile, Fab legend Suzi McFall, who has been to 131 Fabs, said: “I’m absolutely loving the time change at Fab!’

‘I always stay until the lights come on so it has made Fab even better, if that was even possible!… who could complain about an extra hour of Fab?”

Luckily now open till 4!

For all you hungry Fab goers though do not worry for my field research into 4AM Selly Oak has shown that Rooster House is still open to satisfy your nocturnal alcohol driven lust for fried chicken. You need not worry about whether to leave for chicken or stay for VKs, you can have it all.