Vodbull is by far the best night out

Cheap drinks and a giant orange mascot

Which drunk are you?

Most of you are insufferable

How to pull off the hungover look

Because normally we all look a mess

Clubbers of the week: What deadlines?

All night long…

Fresher breaks into flat using tin foil after forgetting to take keys to Fab

His keys were on his bed

I went on a gay night out in Brum and it was fantastic

They have free pizza

What does your Selly Oak road say about you?

Because it’s just the best place ever

I wore a onesie every day for a week

Stupid Tuesdays was really sweaty

Sozzled local is star of Google Street View after eagerly chasing car

Typical Brummie

Stop getting too wasted, everyone is sick of looking after you

You might be having fun, but your friends aren’t