Free periods: Guild dishes out free tampons

This brings a whole new meaning to free bleeding

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Complimentary sanitary products are now available from the Guild of Students.

In response to general outrage at tampon tax, where sanitary products are deemed “luxury items”, the Guild of Students is giving us free tampons and towels.

They’ll be available from every toilet on the first floor of the Guild – both women’s and men’s – but if you want a bulk supply rather than a quick emergency tampon you can collect enough for the whole month from the Advice and Representation Centre on the ground floor.

You can now pick them up for free

The Guild hopes by giving out sanitary products for free, students will be less likely to resort to unhealthy ways of dealing with or avoiding periods – such as back-to-backing the pill because periods are too expensive for the thrifty student.

They also hope making these products available on campus will make us less likely to miss study time, society meetings or sports training just because it’s that time of the month.

On their website, the Guild said: “The average person who has periods will use over 11,000 products in their lifetime, costing them around £18,000 just for having a uterus.

“It seems pretty unfair to be charged extra to deal with a natural bodily function.”