Guild confirms ‘free periods’ are back

This is not a drill

Telling us to ‘be vigilant’ isn’t enough, UoB should do more to prevent harassment in Selly

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It’s one of the first events of its’ kind in years

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An insiders guide to Fetish Society

Curiosity is key

Eating in the library is our right, not a privilege

I had to go home to write this, because I wanted to eat my orange

Someone has started a petition to allow students to eat and drink in the library

‘An empty stomach leads to an empty mind’

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We’re back, bitches

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The Tab tries ‘danger Fabbing’

Is it really that bad?

“Ellie Bean” Keiller elected as new Guild President

Over 7000 students voted

The best bit about guild elections is when it rains

Because we’re terrible people

Birmingham uni could become exempt from the Freedom of Information Act

‘Universities are able to potentially hide information’

Staying until the lights come on in Fab makes the night

We’ve got no time for the people who stop drinking at 2am

Second year brought his mum to Fab

She went to Ibiza for her 50th

Free periods: Guild dishes out free tampons

This brings a whole new meaning to free bleeding

The Guild will not let you wear a sombrero this Halloween

You need to ‘dress responsibly’

Grad Ball glitch leaves finalists devastated

Tickets went on sale before midday