Clubbers of the MONTH: Freshers’ edition

VBL? If you insist…

You guys gave us so much Freshers goodness this year that a classic clubbers of the week just wasn't enough. We've been stashing your best clubbing pics throughout the whole month of September.

Whether you're a young innocent fresher who can still get drunk from a few VKs, or a fourth year who really shouldn't be going on YET another white t-shirt night, pretty much every student in Aberdeen has been pouring their SAAS money into overpriced vodka coke and chips and cheese this Freshers.

We're sure there are some students that are already working hard on their courses; just not anyone that's featured here.

Worst Wingman

Image may contain: Photography, Photo, Portrait, Girl, Rock, Pants, Accessories, Accessory, Glasses, Hair, Text, Smile, Head, Female, Coat, Face, Costume, Person, Human, Apparel, Clothing

Only at Underground will your pull be interrupted by some twat in a chicken costume.

Most seductive squad

Image may contain: Night Club, Club, Face, Party, Human, Person

When the cameraman is a 10 and you're eager to impress.

When you see it…

Image may contain: Party, Photo Booth, Human, Person

Is it possible to get nightmares from a club photo?

Blink 18-who?

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Pictured above: literally everyone that you will meet at Crash Fridays.

Worst singers

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Might start a Gofundme page for everyone that was in earshot of these guys.

Hungriest clubber

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Nobody tell him about the massive donut behind him…

Most suspicious squad

Image may contain: Outdoors, Crowd, Helmet, Apparel, Clothing, Human, Person

Anyone this impressed by a few cans of Hooch HAS to be underage.

Most awkward love triangle

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If you're stuck between two boys, always go for the one with the fishbowl.

Coolest photobomber

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The hand signal that just screams "I'm a massive lad".

Most accidentally photogenic crew

Image may contain: Crowd, Audience, Leisure Activities, Jeans, Denim, Pants, Club, Night Club, Shoe, Clothing, Apparel, Footwear, Night Life, Party, Person, Human

Just me that's getting Renaissance painting vibes from this one?

Most excessive use of hair gel

Image may contain: People, Crowd, Coat, Jacket, Clothing, Apparel, Human, Person

Think these boys would be better suited to Club T tbh…

​Most delicious cardboard cutout

Image may contain: Apparel, Clothing, Person, Human

I think that might be worth a restraining order…

Smoothest clubber

Image may contain: Accessory, Accessories, Sunglasses, People, Apparel, Clothing, Face, Audience, Crowd, Party, Person, Human

If you see a fit girl in the club, probably best not to literally point and stare.

Photo credits:

Pirate Photography: Carwash Tuesdays, Crash Fridays, Rare Thursdays

Ruskin Fox: Vanity Photobooth

@SRuhkala Photography: Exodus

Lauren Polson Photography: Milk Thursdays, Vanity Fridays, Drip Tuesdays

Silver City Studio: Prohibition