What it’s actually like to work at a university ball

Your leftover wine won’t go to waste

Second semester is in full speed and deadlines are approaching uncomfortably fast, but fear not, it's ball season! We're being blessed with a fancy way to procrastinate. Finally a chance to dig out your best dress and have a sophisticated dinner with your fellow course mates.

In the euphoria, what you may not notice is that your swanky three course dinner and cheap wine is actually being served to you by other students in a shirt and tie: aka me.

Let me take you behind the (sober) scenes of your glamorous Law or Business Ball.

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Foods for the stomach, not the floor

The set up doesn't magically do itself, even if the ball is fairytale themed

It's lot of chair moving. Like, a lot.

Preparations take up about the whole day and night-shift so please take as many pictures of the table as you can.

Consider buying your class-rep a drink, they really pull out some weird tricks for decoration, we've even had an owl man recently.

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My shoe tying game has never been better

It's really not as fancy as you think

Cinderella arrived in her pumpkin carriage, you'll arrive in a rented coach. Also a highly classy entrance.

Seeing so many students so dressed up really helps the illusion of a glamorous evening. But add free drinks to the mixture and it doesn't matter how much your shoes cost. Students stay students.

RGU deserves an honourable mention for having someone throw up by 8pm.

Also cheers to the AU students who broke the antlers of our stag statue. We still don't know where they are.

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The chaos begins

No matter how messy the ballroom gets, let me tell you, the real mess is in the Kitchen

I've seen chefs throw plates because the service went so bad. This was at a charity ball.

Now imagine what could go wrong if instead of investors you have to serve 400 drunk students. We are grateful that your double vision makes it harder to notice our mistakes.

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Wining and dining with the dishes

It's like the worst and the best shift at once

University parties are always a rollercoaster of a night, but definitely a very entertaining one. Working at a ball your pals are at can be the worst, especially when you're cleaning their dirty dishes.

Students are dedicated to keeping their alcohol level up so most of the fancy dinner stays on the plate. On the downside this means more heavy dishes to carry, but on the plus side it means more leftover food for us.

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As long as it's not me who has to deal with the blackouts and spew, working at a uni ball really isn't the worst, it can actually be a pretty good laugh.

Please just stop saying you're vegan as a joke, the chefs already want to kill me.