Treat yo’self to our best picks from Aberdeen’s Buy and Sell page

Some deals are just too good to be true

The second semester is on in full speed and feels more like a train crash than a relaxing road trip. What better way to procratinate than by diving deep into the strange world of Facebook's marketplace. Treat yo'self to a little spring shopping.

One Left Hand – £30

Image may contain: Human, Person, Wrist, Hand

Seems like someone's trying to get rid of their valentine's date

Engagement Ring – £1,000

Image may contain: Text, Person, Human

Still more stable that most relationships

30 Pink Egg Boxes (No Eggs Included) – £10

Image may contain: Peeps

Finally ones that don't come with those annoying eggs

Disney Toys – £10

Image may contain: Furniture, Car Seat, Human, Person, Paper

A Quiet Place 2…?

Mr. Monopoly Head – £40

Image may contain: Man, Indoors, Woman, Jacket, Blazer, Tuxedo, Female, Human, Person, Coat, Suit, Clothing, Apparel, Overcoat

I surrender, he can have all my properties

Dog Pants – £5

Image may contain: Shorts, Coat, Apparel, Clothing

So THAT's how dog would wear pants

Baby Pies – £12

Image may contain: Food

Still trying to figure out what kind of pie this is… and what kind of babies it's for

Vintage Chair – £80

Image may contain: Rug, Poster, Advertisement, Collage, Chair, Furniture

The Queen's got my back even after Brexit

Don't forget your SAAS comes in tomorrow, scrap the food shop and bag yourself one of these hidden treasures instead.