The vintage hot spots of Aberdeen that are hidden in plain sight

My dad and I have the same shirt except he rocked his in the 80’s and I’m bringing the revival

Coming from a city as large and diverse as I did, I arrived in Aberdeen with high hopes and so started out in first year eager to find a little piece of home. What, you may ask, was I carrying out the search for? Scrunchies. No, not your basic velvet things I'm talking real scrunchies. And I needed a pair!

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I'm aiming to go full circle round the hair colour wheel… scroll down you'll see

Once settled into my first year accommodation I set out in search of the area with all the vintage shops; I assumed everywhere had one. I've got one back home in Liverpool and have found them in almost all the city's I've visited, so why not in Aberdeen? But the harsh reality soon dawned on me – there isn't one. Where was I going to find my patterned shirts!?

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It's a trademark Meg – patterned shirts and frilly socks – apparently it's my 'thing'

However, just because there isn't one street with all the vintage spots lined up doesn't mean that they don't exist. The first spot I stumbled upon was a fortunate accident. Navigating the mean streets of Aberdeen after a night out is not the easiest thing. Especially not when you are walking home in heels, with your ankles about to snap and essentially carrying your flatmate. I guess I must have been looking down at my feet for too long because before I knew it I'd taken a left (or maybe a right) turn too early and found myself outside hot spot number one The Closet.

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The Closet, 31 Jopps Lane

I love The Closet. Feel like taking a step back in time? This is the place for you! When I first decided to go back to The Closet (after much confused Google maps following – now that I think of it this is also a trademark Meg) I thought I'd walked into a section of the Austin Powers set.

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Sooo close to trying on that skirt up high…

This place has everything from your swinging 60's shift dresses to your Abba flares and platform heels. Having been open since 1981 this store truly is the vintage spot. My favourite thing has to be their accessories, I've found myself becoming a brooch gal recently and this shop has definitely got me covered.

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Tried to convince my mum I needed a vintage hat box, she told me I can't bring anymore stuff home, soo plz go rescue the luggage for me xoxo

Once I'd found this little gold mine I had to ask the shop owner for other recommendations, where could I go for music? Which brings us to our next hidden gem. MAIDINVINYL.

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Do as the chalkboard says – even if the gift's for you.

MAIDINVINYL, 7 Rosemount Viaduct

MAIDINVINYL is a great location for new and used records. With a variety of rare and standard vinyl you're sure to walk away with something.

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Had to get a pic of the legend that is John Lennon in here; reppin for the people back home.

Towards the back of the store you can find discounted records. With offers like 'Buy 3 get 1 free' it's hard not to treat yourself, even if you do go in shopping for someone else… Sorry dad.

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Something for every music taste!

So you've got clothing, accessories and music. What are you missing that every student needs? Well home ware of course, welcome to Peapod.

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Peapod, 144 Rosemount Place

This shop is so much fun to visit. Last time I went inside I ended up playing my own little game of house like I was 7 again for far too long. I feel like I've already bagsied half of the shop for when I settle down and move into my own home. So get in there reasonably fast before I buy it all or somebody else does!

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How cute is this place??

Peapod offers you a variety of bespoke furniture, upholstery and home ware along with some delightful fashion pieces. With items from throughout the decades there is something to please everyone when visiting this shop.

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Bringing the good times back indeed!

So there you have it, a sneak peek into the vintage hot spots that have been right beneath your nose this whole time! Take this advice: 'Treat Yourself'; uni life is hard… Can you imagine my post dissertation shopping trip? I'll see you there!