RGU student gets caught with £140,000 worth of ket, coke, and ecstasy in his flat

He tried to flee to Nigeria

A student at Robert Gordon University, Yussuf Adedeji, was arrested at his flat after police found £140,000 worth of drugs, including cocaine, ketamine, and ecstasy, in his bedroom.

The Press and Journal reports that he now faces an extensive prison sentence after pleading guilty to numerous drug supply charges.

Police were able to identify him and track him down after a bag containing illegal substances, student ID, and a McDonald's discount card was thrown from his bedroom window.

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Glasgow High Court

As well as cocaine, ecstasy, and ketamine, cannabis, alprazolam, and a tranquilliser were found in both Adedeji’s bag and in his flat. Messages on his phone later confirmed Adedeji’s intent to supply. The RGU student told police: “I have not done anything wrong".

Adedeji was charged and later bailed on conditions that he hand over his passport within 24 hours. The following day, he contacted the police claiming to have been been robbed and abducted. He then stopped answering his phone.

Adedeji had been planning on catching a flight to Nigeria, but the bus he was taking to London was stopped by police in Lancaster, where he was held.

On Thursday, Adedeji pleaded guilty to involvement in the supply of the seized drugs, as well as breaching his bail agreement. He has been remanded in custody as his sentencing has been deferred for reports.