Group costumes and spooky Skite nights: The Dos and Don’ts of Halloween in Aberdeen

Scarier than finding out he’s from RGU

Halloween is one of the many highlights of a student’s year, a spooky excuse to get pissed while dressed up in any homemade costume SAAS can afford. This is a list of what to do and what to avoid. Take notes.

DO a group costume with your flatmates

Living with these people for a year forms a bond, so use it! Split a bottle of wine one night and get planning: the bigger the better. With so many iconic groups to pick from, there’ll be debates and a vote. We spiced it with the most minimal costumes we could a source in a day or two, so be prepared.

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Nobody wanted to be our lovers, we let them down

DON’T take yourself seriously

Halloween only comes once a year so GO ALL OUT! Who cares if you pull when you could fulfil your Halloween dreams? Odds are you probably still will, this is Aberdeen after all. Precautions must be taken with your costume, wig-snatchings are on the rise and you don’t want to spend the whole night adjusting your outfit. You're there for a frightfully fun night.

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Haute garbage couture

DO go to a flat pres

Flat pres are the best part of Halloween, this is the time to see your mates’ costumes and see if you went over the top. You never do: it’s impossible. From homemade costumes to last minute, overpriced, shop-bought ones, you’ll see it all. Who's to judge? Just drink.

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My only successful relationship is with Lambrini

DON’T pre too hard, you’ll miss the party

Pres is highly recommended, especially on days like Halloween, but back in bed is not the way to spend the most part of the night. What’s the point in dressing up if nobody gets to admire your costume? All the effort and the time spent applying lashes and tan for nothing! Plus, you’ll miss the guaranteed post-party kebab. Pace yourself. On the night of Halloween 2017 only three out of five Spice Girls made it out.

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Imagine not getting to show off that amazing costume

DO decorate your flat

Halloween decorations are the best decorations. It would be a crime not to jazz up those bare student accommodation corridors. Raid Poundland, Primark, and your parent's house as soon as they stock spooky supplies. There’s no excuse.

Replace all glasses with skull cups and witches cauldrons, who wouldn't want to drink out of a literal fish bowl? A kitchen is the perfect insta background for a candid group pic, think of the likes.

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Props (and drinks) are key

DON’T wait in the taxi queue

Halloween means more than just students out so it’s a busy night, so why wait for ages in a taxi queue when there’s the option of food? A munch is vital for recovery from a wild night like Halloween. The kebab shop on Belmont Street is the place to go for post party pizza (and a rest). This isn’t just any ordinary Skite night, it’s a spooky one.

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The best food you'll have

DO go to a Halloween party night

Ticketed events for students are usually anti-climactic, but Halloween is totally different. It’s nothing like the "biggest bestFfreshers' Week club night" at Club T that turns tragic (we’ve all been there). Who would want to go to an average club night when there’s an event that guarantees a scary awesome night. Decorations, booze, and costumes? Count me in.

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How are you all so photogenic?? (credit to Mansion)

DON’T get club photos done

Club photos are the only truly scary thing about Halloween. The 1st November is filled with dread as you avoid the club Facebook page and loud noises. The tipsy voice inside your head may say you’re killing it in your costume, but in reality your hair has fallen out of your space buns and your make up is a mess. Nobody truly cares: it was Halloween. Anyway, next year you’ll be laughing about it (yes it really takes a whole year to get over).

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Using your friend to hide your mess of an outfit is good move

DO be safe!

Halloween may be a wild night out but it doesn’t mean you should end up in trouble. Stay in a group and know when to stop. Avoid accidents unless you want to end up in hospital. The Spice Girls and Jimmy Neutron of 2017 spent the early hours of November in A&E. The Snapchats are treasured though, even if your flatmates don't appreciate your video updates at 5am.

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A&E afters aren't fun

Halloween is an excuse to be that witch and kill it with an over the top costume. Go for it, it’ll be one of the best nights out you’ll have all year. Who knows, you might even meet your new boo.