The feminists have landed

Aberdeen’s first feminist society launches this year

They are already on campuses all over the UK. And Aberdeen has finally caught up.

But despite outrage over the uni’s “victim-blaming” safety video, and male sports clubs throughout the UK chanting sexist slurs, there are many who think there is no place for feminism in modern society.

President Edda Starck disagrees: “Unfortunately it is wrong in so many points that I don’t even know where to start.

“If you look at statistics you’ll see there is neither political nor economical equality.”


And feminism is picking up the pace – Caitlin Moran is a god(ess) amongst young women and awareness is on the rise.

Aberdeen uni is a rare campus in that the majority of students, 53 per cent, are women. And so Edda thinks it strange this is the first year of the FemSoc: “I guess sometimes you just need somebody to take the initiative and just do it.”

The society is for anyone, of any gender, and plans to have several different types of events, from pub nights to movie nights and workshops.

Organising demonstrations will also be a society activity: “What we offer our members is the chance to create some change.”


But Edda wants FemSoc to be distanced from any extremist “feminazis”. She said: “We are generally welcoming all feminists.

“But we don’t accept any sort of discrimination and therefore won’t support extremist viewpoints that are sometimes assumed to be feminist.”

Edda hasn’t experienced much hassle for being a feminist in Aberdeen: “But of course there are always people who don’t take you seriously, but this is only motivation to keep trying.

“Anyone who believes that all gender identities should have the same rights is a feminist.”

“It should be natural to everyone.”