Soton Tab's 2012 SEX SURVEY

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A few months ago, it was found that Southampton students were placed 65th in the country for their sexual antics. We at The Tab weren’t convinced by this result so thought we’d do our own sex survey to see what us Sotonians really get up to.

We know students get bombarded with surveys all the time concerning feedback, NSS, research and plenty of other incredibly boring stuff so we thought we’d make this one a little bit interesting. Give us 2 minutes out of your busy schedule of procrastination to fill in our saucey survey.

Sex and all stuff related is a pretty big deal, so we’re not asking for any personal details. In fact, this is completely anonymous, which unfortunately means we can’t offer rewards for those of you who are kind enough to fill it in .

We’ve closed the survey now. Thank you to everyone who filled it in. Look out for the results in the new year!

  • bitter graduate

    graduate option?

  • you forgot erasmus park on your halls

    • Confused

      No they didn’t…

  • highfield home boy

    no one gives a shit about winchester though

  • AnonymousGay

    This survey is catered for straight people obviously. I’ve totally had threesomes, just with no girls.

  • anon

    Had a threesum with 3 guys…. no options available…..

  • why so straight

    threesome with three guys too…

    • lonely

      Same threesome?

  • Mike

    Alumni/Graduate option would be good.

    • Derp

      Get back to work!

  • Anon

    You could at least make it more suitable for us raging homosexuals

  • how did i fare?

    when are the results?

  • luke

    Im 12 years old and what is this

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