The shocking fashion disaster

They’re not heels, they’re not boots, they’re not wedges. They’re CREEPERS!

Bitches be trippin’ from new heights

An ugly shoe with a totally unnecessary platform covering the entire length of the sole. Originally Creepers were 3cm thick, but are now available in 5cm and even have a wedge version with a heel of 5 inches.

So what’s the need to add 3cm or 5cm to your height? Unlike heels or wedges they do not flatter your legs or give the impression of toned pins, nor do they project an image of class or elegance.

Ironically, your standard red brick is 5cm thick, so you’re basically paying to have bricks stuck to the bottom of your feet, which your dad would’ve made you for free.

Some people have one leg significantly shorter than the other and have specially-made shoes to add height to the lacking leg, so is this where the idea for Creepers came from?

To make matters worse… they even come in leopard print


They’ve crept onto our high street, they’ve crept into some unfortunate wardrobes, they’ve crept out of practical medical devices and now they’ve crept into ‘fashion’. Now they’ve made a big entrance into the start of The Tab’s Top Fashion Disasters list.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not attempt to quietly creep around in Creepers, the very opposite effect is achieved.


  • bristol uni student

    what would be better is if the uni just removed the fine from bursaries received from the uni.

    it would be interesting to see how much profit each uni library system makes- if students knew that libraries were losing money (therefore less books can be bought) then I think students would be more likely to pay fines or give books in on time (but there are sometimes very good reasons as to why people can’t give library books back on time)

  • ZC

    What is this substandard piece of tedium from Sheffield doing on the page of Oxford Tab?

  • Josh


  • Burger nips

    Terrible article

  • Matt

    This qualifies as an article how?

    You’re missing:
    The Madman
    The Pacifist
    The Warmonger
    The Brinkman
    and my personal favorite – The Coaster

  • worstarticleever

    shittest article ever

  • OB

    Heads up, both have been found. Don’t waste your time.