Chinese Whispers: 100 Grand to Get You Into Oxbridge

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Can't get into Oxbridge? Here's a way to win your entry. One thing: it costs 100K.

China’s mega-rich are spending up to £100,000 on ‘educational consultants’ to get their sons and daughters into Oxbridge.

For a handsome fee, Chinese ‘princelings’ get intensive tuition, advice and coaching from well-connected advisors who “know the system”, helping them secure places at prestigious public schools, and onwards to Oxford and Cambridge. Students even get lessons on the UK weather and the British sense of humour.

The news has come to light after it emerged that Bo Guagua, whose mother was arrested last month in connection to the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood, had high profile connections who helped him attend Harrow and Oxford.

Bo was mentored by Old Harrovian Heywood himself, as well as by former adviser to Maggie Thatcher and Oxford graduate, Charles Powell on his way to studying at Balliol College.

Bo, who now attends Harvard, was alleged to have lived a lavish playboy lifestyle while at Oxford and reportedly lived in a 5-star hotel during his studies.

Bo Guagua used connections to attend public school and Oxford

Bo was one of the first Chinese students to be coached into Harrow and Oxford, but now it seems that getting wealthy children into Oxbridge is a Bo-oming industry. One consultancy firm, BE Education, charges between £50,000 and £100,000 to set these super-wealthy teenagers on course to Cambridge.

Milly Farid, a Clare mathmo from Beijing, said that “with such huge disparities in wealth emerging in China, it seems inevitable that a culture has come into being where anything – including a semblance of intelligence – can be bought.”

“The country is teeming with services that help wealthy kids get into whatever school they want: for the right price, you can find someone to take your tests, write your applications, coach you and ultimately ‘convince’ a school to take you.”

“The system is definitely unjust, but though it’s new to China, it is clearly not unique to China. Hasn’t the British system been working like this for centuries?” she added.

It is understood that in the hope to secure places, some families have even resorted to offering massive seven-figure donations to colleges before admission, although these are always turned down.

All these rack up an impressive bill. And that’s before you even count regular expenses.

Cambridge Uni estimates that living as an international student can be over £8000 a year, upwards of £4000 for college bills and a whopping £13,000 in tuition fees.

  • who cares

    same as the state school kids, they still gotta get in

  • TPJ

    Wow, time to start my educational consultancy…. Although I might have to give U21's a miss (despite the obvious old boys network to get me a job as in investment banker (FO IBD Internship GS – as incentive to train)

    • you are

      so, so, so boring

    • TPJ judge

      that's a below-standard TPJ comment

  • phuqwhatyouheard

    The rich are buying their way into elite institutes what a nonissu- OH GOD NO THEY ARE NOT WHITE OH GOD

  • might as well


  • Sexism Police

    Um, can we not refer to the ex-Prime Minster as 'Maggie Thatcher'? You wouldn't go around today talking about how Davey Cam-Cam has had trouble in the elections, would you?

    • Sexist? Naaa

      I can think of far worse, and more appropriate names for both of them. Regardless of sex.

    • well…

      wouldn't put Davey Cam-Cam past The Tab actually. The point is to undermine whilst avoiding approaching witty.

    • Davey Cam-Cam

      I would.

    • IPCC

      No, but plenty of people talk about 'Dave Cameron' – calling her Maggie is nothing at all to do with sexism, unless you're a hyper-sensitive feminist looking for an argument, in which case the very existence of men is probably an affront to womenkind.

      If the article called her 'Maggie Thatch the Bad Catch' you might have a point. As it is, shut up.

    • Umm….

      so by your logic, that makes " 'Tony' Blair " a sexist comment too.


    • Suggestion

      If "Davey Cam-Cam" caught on I'd definitely use it all the time :).

    • Mr. Cultured

      Jim Callaghan. Tony Blair. Clem the Gem. Ted Heath.

      Stop getting your knickers in a twist, feminists.

    • Knob Police

      Found another one Sarge.

    • supermarkliu

      If you are the sexism police, then this comment is equivalent to arresting a suspect because of his skin colour.

  • AMES

    the head of modern Chinese studies at the university of Cambridge is also called Boping Yuan…

  • Meh

    He still clearly can't get quality clunge.

  • GCSE empathy

    Much more common even for the chinese kids whose parents can afford a western education is to be turned away because they don't meet the stereotype of the hypersmart asian: maybe their test results are merely as good as yours and mine, instead of jaw-dropping. Which leaves out the far larger number of clever kids who are fucked because they aren't too rich and their country does not have good universities of its own.

  • Harley

    “I wasn’t even aware of the existence of the photos published in The Tab until it became common knowledge that an article was being written”

    this is a straight up lie, Harry Wells was discussing the images on the Leicester Socialist Students facebook page before the tab published it’s article, I believe the comments are still there if anyone would care to take a look

    • Buffy

      I think you need to learn to read- the quote says he wasn’t aware of the photos “until it became common knowledge that an article was being written”. That would be BEFORE the article was published- as you need to write an article before you publish it.

  • a Muppet

    well this makes things more interesting. The elections are usually quite dull

  • Benedict Lumberjack

    Harry looks like a young Prof. Brian Cox or a poor man’s Neil Morrissey in that screengrab.

    • Raskolnikov

      *a POORER man’s Neil Morrisey

  • The Truth

    Here’s a message for Harry Wells: you throw shit, you get shit back.

    Your desperate attempt to smear Jay Appleyard has backfired now someone’s given you a taste of your own poison.

    • the chemist

      Isn’t this interesting……. well I know who did provide the photos and they aren’t even running in the elections. Maybe instead of people disrespecting Harry they should maybe get their facts straight….. maybe then they will realise how wrong they are.

  • God help us

    We’re surrounded by imbeciles

  • the chemist

    Isn’t this interesting……. well I know who did provide the photos and they aren’t even running in the elections. Maybe instead of people disrespecting Harry they should maybe get their facts straight….. maybe then they will realise how wrong they are.

  • The dude

    Ridiculous to compare this to blacking up. Inexcusable.

    • Buntop


  • jimbob

    “The show was also the first time Harry admitted to being bisexual.”
    Yeah, by having it as his biggest piece of “baggage” – basically saying that bi-sexuality is a negative trait. Bit of a dickish move in my opinion.

  • Will

    Let’s not pretend all the screw ups weren’t Josh “McSweatPatch” Mcgillicuddy….

  • you’re a prick

    this is in very poor taste

  • Noobvoker

    This guy looks like a dingus!

  • Steph Brander

    He’s at UWE….enough said! Get back to using your wax crayons to practice colouring inside the lines!

  • Max Basta

    This is fine.
    The author is poking fun at UoB students and making light of a calamitous, unfortunate accident.
    He’s not really disrespecting anybody
    A bunch of property was destroyed but nobody was hurt
    Maybe we should just learn to laugh at ourselves and move on with our lives?
    UoB student.

  • Elena

    Such a patronising post with no empathy and sensititivity. Maybe no one was hurt? But poking fun out of a tragic event that has meant people are left without all their belongings, trying to find new suitable accommodation while keeping on top of work is not fair. I wonder if you’d find it funny of you were the one in this situation.

    • Darren Lutraphobe Machen

      Pretty sure a massive fire would be classed as extenuating circumstances

  • _ahb

    Neglects to mention the huge fire in a flat in Quantock Court in the Student Village back in 2012… Unfortunately someone left a pan on.

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