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Grammar schools: elite rich kid institutions

Capitalism reigns supreme.

TWO THIRDS of Cantabs have had unprotected sex

The first results from The Tab’s Porn Survey are here.

Tuition Fees are so progressive we should start charging 11 Year Olds to go to school

It’s only fair

NICK CLEGG “Politics is a messy business, your ideals clash with reality”

Nick, we’re paying for the consequences of that clash. Literally.

Cambridge – already the richest uni in Europe – to fill its coffers with an extra £2 BILLION in endowments

New fundraising campaign will allow Cambridge compete with rich American unis

Preview: Islam Week

Come and find out

What’s your greatest achievement this year?

Apparently CUSU have been doing something afterall

CUSU Elections Liveblog

HARRY SHUKMAN blogs CUSU election night live!

Blue Stockings

ALLAN EMMETT HENNESSY is impressed by the call to arms that is Blue Stockings.

Sites To Make You Clever

Resident I.T. Correspondant PIPPA CALVIN returns with some websites to make you clever… Sit back, relax, and ace that exam..

The Tab Meets: Lizzie Armitstead

BETH SWORDS talks to Lizzie Armitstead about the demands expected of her outside of sport, after her silver medal at the London Olympic Games.

The Tab Meets: Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales talks to TOM BALDERSTONE about the role of Wikipedia in education and the role of educators in Wikipedia.

A Guide To: Museums in Cambridge

Got a free afternoon? Why not do something a bit cultural for a change?

Cambridge Rejects Report Cards

Cambridge has shunned the chance to give graduates the new Higher Education Achievement Report.

Chinese Whispers: 100 Grand to Get You Into Oxbridge

Can’t get into Oxbridge? Here’s a way to win your entry. One thing: it costs 100K.

The Trouble with Teaching to the Test

How faculties can help bridge the gap between A Levels and Cambridge.