David Leigh Resigns As Union President

The Union have announced that David Leigh is resigning as President-elect for Easter term due to "academic reasons."

David Leigh has resigned as Union president-elect for Easter term.

The Union sent an email to members in the early hours of this morning announcing that Leigh, a second year PPS student at St Catz, has decided to resign for “academic reasons.” 

Leigh told The Tab: “It would be fair to say that I’m not really setting the academic world alight at the moment. In fact, I have more supervisions left for this term than there are days.

“While I have enjoyed my involvement with the Union, I have had to remind myself why I am at University. Dining with cabinet ministers and punting with Miss World may be fun, but it has come to a point when I need to retire to the library.

“I hope members enjoyed the events I helped to organise and I am certain they will enjoy some of the things already lined up for next term; it promises to be a great one.”

Leigh, who stood unopposed in last term’s elections, said the decision to resign was entirely personal and stressed he hadn’t faced pressure from his college.

Leigh said he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of standing for Union positions in the future, and said he’s “always happy to help out.”

Asked if he had a message for his replacement, Leigh simply said: “Good luck and enjoy!”

In a statement the Union said they: “fully support David’s decision and we wish him all the best for the future.”

Current President Katie Lam added: “It’s a great shame that David has had to leave, although we fully understand his decision.

“He was the most successful Treasurer we can remember and was particularly dedicated to bringing something a bit different to the Union – he aimed to appeal to a wider audience with events like Denim, which is next Friday, and the Made in Chelsea debate in Michaelmas. We all wish David the very best for the future.”

A by-election will now be held on 14th March to find a new President. Nominations for candidates open today and close on the 12th, giving presidential hopefuls just two days to mobilise a campaign.

The Union also announced that elections will also be held for a new Treasurer-elect, prompting speculation that current incumbent Michael Black will be running for President.

  • bad timing with DSK

    but fair

    • Disagree

      is that bad timing or clever timing? This way, the news gets swallowed, the Union committee selects their candidate that they want to be President next term and Michael Black is President without anyone even really having a chance to realise what has happened. I would say it is clever politicking in the Union circle – it will be a one man 'election' of a candidate they have already decided will win.

      • Armchair Critic

        So why don't you go ahead and run? Any member can, after all…

        • RON

          Back off, this is my year.

      • pulitzer.

        considering a career in political journalism?

      • IDIOT

        surely when the Union is the forefront of press (ie with the DSK visit) there will be more interest in what's happening at the Union and therefore more interest in the upcoming by-election? Give this guy a break, he's clearly gutted to resign.

        • who is the idiot?

          not really having a go at the guy resigning seeing as he had told the union a week earlier, probably pointing out clever timing of the release of the info… a couple of hours after the DSK talk.

  • judge

    Is this a leigh?

  • Jus' saying..

    He'll still be Prime Minister though

  • Suspicious

    not sure i believe for one second that he has resigned for academic reasons. something's been going on…

  • Come on Tab

    Publish the REAL reasons for his 'resigning'/sacking. What else is a 'Tabloid' for than publishing scandals.

    • The Cambridge Onion

      I heard from several insiders that this is the genuine reason, which surprised me because I always assumed he would be forced out in a massive scandal.

      • Chinese whispers

        I heard DSK touched him

      • The Cambridge Onion

        Rumours flying around that something did actually happen, but nothing I can confirm.

  • Realist

    "Academic reasons" – i.e. Someone official has finally realised that he only got a 2:2 last year and that it's quite likely that, at this rate, he will get an even lower mark this year.

    • Desmond

      ….Someone called?

  • Realist member

    While it would be fair to say that the Union committee are a bunch of self-interested neeks, I see that Leigh came 5th from bottom in PPS last year so it is fairly conceivable that he chose to resign. Pity – he may have been a cocky old etonian but at least he was vaguely interesting.

    • but

      why did he run for the presidency if he was already doing so badly academically?

      • tbh

        you run a whole term in advance – so much could change in that time that you probably wouldn't let it stop you

  • I will buy a drink

    for anyone who runs for union president just to piss off michael black.

  • Black & White

    Worst-kept secret in Union politics now confirmed: Mike Black is running. Personally, I hope he wins – hard worker, knows the plans for the term so can step into Dave's shoes, and actually pretty nice for a Union hack.

    • but

      it would be quite funny if he lost

    • but

      it would be funny if he lost…

  • Then again…

    does anyone really care?

  • david leigh

    is fit.

  • confused

    My understanding of Leigh is that he is a choral scholar, a water polo blue and on the Trinity May Ball Committee. Could he not just have given up that stuff?

  • Observer

    Say what you like about Michael Black but he does have nice hair.

    • judge of hair

      no, he really doesn't.

      • Either Way

        It doesn't look like he's running for president at all.

  • Magdalene fresher

    I adore Mike Black and every northern thing that guy stands for. FTW

    • I adore


  • nullo247

    I don't beleighve it.

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