St Catharine’s

Warning issued to Girton students after attempted mugging

Two Girton students were approached on their way back from the Co-Op

Animal extremists threaten Cambridge

Threats made against students and the University’s Archaeology Department

Lola Lo Down- Halloween

George Williams sees some real horrors in Lola Lo’s this Halloween

Catz June Event 2013

LAUREN CHAPLIN and MOLLIE WINTLE enjoy this rather less spectacular but equally fun June Event to round off May Week 2013.

David Leigh Resigns As Union President

The Union have announced that David Leigh is resigning as President-elect for Easter term due to “academic reasons.”

Catz Application Cock Up

St Catz sent out 400 emails to applicants congratulating them on winning places after they were REJECTED weeks earlier.

The Vile Voyeur

Wheels of Torturous Fortune?

Quidditch in Cambridge

A fledgling Quidditch team has been launched in Cambridge, hoping to register the game as a Blues Sport.

Bedder and Breakfast

The credit crunch has come to Cambridge with Colleges soon to start moonlighting as Bed and Breakfasts for tourists.

Swap Review: Fatcatz vs. Freshers

Catz ladies and gentlemen hit the Mahal.