Warning issued to Girton students after attempted mugging

Two Girton students were approached on their way back from the Co-Op

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An email of warning has been issued to Girton students by the porters after two students were victims of an attempted mugging on Friday 17th February.

The two students were approached by two people who, according to the email, were on their way back from the Girton Co-Op before the incident.

The students managed to escape the encounter by flagging down a passing car, scaring off the would-be muggers.

Although email stressed to Girton students that “this appears to be an isolated incident” and emphasises the fact that “no mugging or robbery took place”, it was seen as prudent to alert students.

This is the second act of violence within Cambridge against a student within a week. Last week it was reported that a gown-wearing student from Catz was assaulted on Silver Street, with the college Senior Tutor issuing a warning to not wear gowns about town for a while.

A Catz student was assaulted last week.

The email encouraged anyone who had experienced similar incidents but who had not reported them to inform the college.