BREAKING: Sainsbury Scores Top Post

In an unsurprising result, Lord Sainsbury has won the race to be the next chancellor of the uni. Are you happy with the result?

Lord (David) Sainsbury will be the next chancellor of the university after dominating the election.

Sainsbury topped the polls comfortably with 2893 first preference votes, 52% of the total.

5,558 valid votes were ultimately cast, lower than uni projections which estimated 8,000 voters over the two days.

Actor Brian Blessed came in at 2nd place, with 1389 votes (25%), less than half Sainsbury’s scoop.

Radical QC Michael Mansfield swung 964 first-choices votes, just over 17%, and local shopkeeper Abdul Arain managed 312 votes, only 5.6% of the turnout.

The news comes as little surprise to anyone who has been following the events of the last few days. Many predicted that Sainsbury would win easily, and a Telegraph exit poll reported this morning showed a runaway victory for the supermarket mogul.

The next chancellor

The news will please many in the university, with the lord having been initially nominated from within Senate House to take the title. It was not initially expected that his appointment would be opposed.

However, despite the best efforts of some, Sainsbury secured enough votes through the election to become the next chancellor, and follows a long list of distinguished men to preside over the role.

More details and reactions to follow.

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