BREAKING: Sainsbury Scores Top Post

In an unsurprising result, Lord Sainsbury has won the race to be the next chancellor of the uni. Are you happy with the result?

Lord (David) Sainsbury will be the next chancellor of the university after dominating the election.

Sainsbury topped the polls comfortably with 2893 first preference votes, 52% of the total.

5,558 valid votes were ultimately cast, lower than uni projections which estimated 8,000 voters over the two days.

Actor Brian Blessed came in at 2nd place, with 1389 votes (25%), less than half Sainsbury’s scoop.

Radical QC Michael Mansfield swung 964 first-choices votes, just over 17%, and local shopkeeper Abdul Arain managed 312 votes, only 5.6% of the turnout.

The news comes as little surprise to anyone who has been following the events of the last few days. Many predicted that Sainsbury would win easily, and a Telegraph exit poll reported this morning showed a runaway victory for the supermarket mogul.

The next chancellor

The news will please many in the university, with the lord having been initially nominated from within Senate House to take the title. It was not initially expected that his appointment would be opposed.

However, despite the best efforts of some, Sainsbury secured enough votes through the election to become the next chancellor, and follows a long list of distinguished men to preside over the role.

More details and reactions to follow.

  • Brucie


    • Lord S

      I don't like you

      • alien

        He doesn't like you either.

      • alien

        We're wanted men. I've got the death sentence on twelve systems!

  • hopeful

    We'd better get a discount in Sainsbury's now….

  • jonnylk

    Are the University aware that as Chancellor, he would be barred from being a donor? What, then, is the value of installing him as a Chancellor if we can't get any more of his money?

    Or were they already aware of that? Was nominating him as Chancellor a quid pro quo for the £82 million Sainsbury Lab, and the other £60 million he's bunged over in the last 6 years?

    I think we should be told.

    • old news

      aww.. didnt they tell you?

    • bah

      82 million quid pro quo

  • Shame

    It was actually quite close- had Lord Sainisbury received just 49% of the vote, he probably would have lost as most of the votes in the futher rounds would have gone to Blessed.

    • the voice of logic

      that is a complete assumption…
      many of Mansfields supporters supported Sainsbury

  • Fan of charity

    Lord Sainsbury is the first Britain ever to donate a billion pounds to charity. I'm not sure that's being said enough.

    • jonnylk

      That's all very laudable, but he was only in a position to do that by accident of birth – he inherited his money.

      His actual business sense is pretty poor, as exemplified by his catastrophic tenure as Sainsbury's chairman, which saw the family firm's profits plummet, and be overtaken by Tesco for the first time in its history.

      His only real talent is giving away money made by other people. Now that he's Chancellor, he can't even do that.

      • oh please

        Being Chancellor is a role which means much more than just donating any spare cash you have left lying around. It's about strengthening the University's position in politics, being an ambassador for the research that happens here, and improving the University's diplomatic relations with other institutions. Lord S is more than well equipped to do all of these things so stop moaning and be grateful that he has already donated in excess of £100 million to the University and that we have someone who will be able to promote and represent Cambridge in so many good ways – something which will ultimately be much more valuable to the university than his own financial contribution.

        • Poor Boy

          A billionaire peer who inherited his wealth is exactly the image of Cambridge we want to project in the 21st century. After all, we don't take this access stuff seriously.

          • Sceptical

            do you really think that the fact that lord sainsbury's background is going to affect access that much? there are plenty of republicans at cambridge; prince philip being chancellor didn't put them off

          • Blessed be the Union

            That irrelevant shouty man would have been much better aligned to the ethos of CUSU.

  • We should all receive 1000 nectar points now…

    • Marge

      Is your life really that much of a void that you have time to collect nectar points? You're bumout, mate.

      • hungry

        FREE FOOD. I will collect anything if it leads to FREE FOOD.

  • Diss Lexick

    .Im' eltaed taht lRod daviD Snaisbruy wlil be teh new cahncelolr of teh uniferstiy .He smees lkie a rellay clveer man and has aceivhed aolt in lfie. Htas of two teh man

    • Tono Tono

      Tono tono tono. Tono ton tono tono tono! Tono tono tono tono tono! Tono tono.

      Tono Tono. Tono tono ton ton tono? Tono tono tono? Tono? Tono tono tono tono.

      Tono Tono.

      • i like…


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