Winter Beauty: Make A Statement!

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In our first shoot of term, TOM RASMUSSEN, JOY STARKEY and THURSTAN REDDING show you how to perfect your make up to brighten up your winter wardrobe.

With the cold Cambridge wind creeping in, the time to wear summer dresses and sky-scraper day heels is fading as fast as the sun. It is officially time to let practicality play a part in your wardrobe.

But don’t let this get you down – paying attention to your make-up will take the attention off your tattered winter warmers. And lucky for you, we will show you how it’s done:

Day Glow

Fresh faced and ready for lectures

Simply prime your face normally and add highlighter above the cheekbones and below the brows. Finish off with tousled hair and neutral lips.


A smokey eye with a defined brow is great for formal

Gradually build deeper colours on a grey or silver base which climbs all the way to the brow. Don’t forget to add highlighter in the corners of each eye to give yourself a sparkle. Red lipstick mixed with Vaseline on the back of your hand can be daubed on to give a stained-sheen.

Statement Eyes

Make your eyes POP!

Choose an eye shadow that complements your skin tone, but don’t let your lids steal the show – wack on those lashes! Here, we teamed electric blue eyes with black lip gloss to add an edgy feel.

40s Pin-Up Chic

Red lipped beauty

Apply lipstick to the cheeks and massage in to give a porcelain doll feel. Hold off on the eyeliner, define the brows and gently curl the hair. If you’re feeling saucy you could add a timeless beauty spot. And don’t forget those pillar-box red lips!

Boho Beauty

High style, yet easy to achieve

This look is stolen from Twiggy. Brush out your curls to achieve a relaxed wave. Add a thin line of eyeliner over the socket-bone to get one of this season’s biggest make-up looks. Keep the lips nude, the skin fresh and square off your brows.

Androgynous Eyebrows

Show stealing brows!

Tie your hair up and sculpt your eyebrows with soft Kohl pencil in a matching shade to your brows. Be bold – this look takes a lot of confidence. Even it out with beautiful berry lips and you’re sure to feel fab.

Hair and Make up: Joy Starkey and Tom Rasmussen

Models: Lolia Etomi and Bronwyn Jones

Photographer: Thurstan Redding

  • IrresistablyMe

    AWESOME! I love this. so chic *mwah*

  • Nefertiti

    Very impressed with the make up. Definitely going to use these tips this year :)
    You go girls!

  • bhavini

    first picture:

    i would.

  • Birke

    i love wearing make-up, it makes me feel so sexy

  • Dame Elizabeth

    This piece is let down by the last four images, sadly.
    The eyeshadow on the lid of the third image is poorly blended and is powdered onto the model's lashes.
    Rather than noticing the red lips, I noticed the shortbread the model is attempting to bite in the fourth image; play up the make-up, not the model or props.
    The lines drawn on the next image just beneath the brow bone are patchy and end at an unflattering point on the eyes. A more effective shot would have been to capture the eyes not the nostrils, too.
    The final image is okay, but again the execution is not quite there; the join between the hair and the drawn-on brow is visible at the thickest points, which makes it look unfinished. Furthermore, the proportions of eyebrows to lips is badly displayed owing to the model's pose.
    The first and second images are excellent, however.
    I am not attacking this, I'm just judging it with, I hope, helpful observations and improvements.

  • Crikey…

    If someone made me look like any of these pictures, I'd sue.

    • injurylawyers4u

      the first one looks nice?

  • dibbidy


  • Felix

    Even Felix would not get with double-eye-lash-girl.

    • curious

      is this you nugee

  • Kit

    Pretty girls, not so good make up.

  • Ms Bridget

    Are these pictures a joke? (except for the first)

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