fashion shoot

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Paris photoshoot: Turning market square into a Parisian café

Evelina Gumileva’s beautiful Parisian photoshoot in Cambridge

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Aldi or Sainsbury’s?: Aldi photo shoot

Evelina Gumileva’s gorgeous photoshoot in Aldi


Tab Fashion throw all caution to the wind and commandeer an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Cambridge for a skater-inspired shoot.

Clash Of The Patterns

Tab Fashion brings you a sassy Spring shoot from the rooftops of Cambridge.

Winter Beauty: Make A Statement!

In our first shoot of term, TOM RASMUSSEN, JOY STARKEY and THURSTAN REDDING show you how to perfect your make up to brighten up your winter wardrobe.

Can’t Be Tamed

Tab Fashion goes wild with fur and animal prints.