Brian Blessed: Best of a Bad Bunch?

It doesn't matter if Brian Blessed becomes Chancellor, whoever gets elected will have little sway in the day-to-day running of the University. And besides, we already have two Sainsbury's in Cambridge.

After 40 years, Prince Phillip has decided he’s had enough of donning paraphernalia and being led up and down Senate House like a donkey on the seaside. Apparently this means we have to care about who replaces him.

Undergrads, and indeed the majority of postgrads, don’t give a shit about the Chancellorship. This election will have practically no effect on our university lives. After all, the Vice-Chancellor is the one who holds the power to influence our academic future. His election should have caused a media ruckus – not an election that will ultimately determine whether Prince Vultan or Lord Nectar Points gets to wear a silly hat.

When it looked like Lord Sainsbury was going to stand unopposed, there was uproar in the Senate. It was bad enough having two Sainsburys in Cambridge, but what message would this send to the private sector? That we were culpable to a capitalist take-over of town and gown? This alone, was supposed to send us into a fury. But it didn’t. Unless you’re a researcher for BBC Breakfast.

My favourite candidate: Brian Blessed

The only reason this election has a trace of excitement about it is Brian Blessed. Although his candidature was a rebellious joke at first, it has metamorphosed into a respectable campaign. Lest we forget, not only is Brian Blessed a mountaineer, a Shakespearian actor/director, and has a voice loud enough to stun small mammals, he is also common. A university keen to shed itself of it’s elitist and privileged past will surely jump at the chance of taking someone whose father was a coal miner. How quaint!

Despite my cynicism, I believe Blessed is the best candidate. He’s a popular figure (even if you haven’t heard the immortal line: “Gordon’s alive!), he has experience of being in the public eye, and he understands that science is not the only money-spinner for universities.

As for the other two candidates, one’s a local shop-keeper and the other’s a city lawyer. Their names? I couldn’t be bother to look them up, which sums up my overall apathy towards this election. I can’t vote in it, and chances are you can’t either. If you want to get excited about the running of the University, hang around for another six years and stir up some trouble for the Vice-Chancellorship.

Personally, I would vote for Victoria Wood.

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Illustration by Olivia Vane

  • I love Saint Brian

    just think of the faces of the senate if Brian does get elected… definitely my wish!

  • On reflection…

    Whether you're cynical or not, electing Brian *would* do wonders for the university's image.

    Top marks to the alumni who nominated him, it was a masterstroke!

  • taja

    "As for the other two candidates, one’s a local shop-keeper and the other’s a city lawyer. Their names? I couldn’t be bother to look them up"

    how do you know Blessed's the "best of a bad bunch" when you haven't bothered to even look at the rest of the bunch. If you had, you'd notice that Mike Mansfield is not a 'city' lawyer, but a pretty outspoken political operator who's been involved in trials related to IRA bombers, Bloody Sunday, Charles de Menenzes. Hardly an anonymous figure.

    Also wish you'd explained why the argument that Blessed's humble background is of positive symbolic power is 'quaint'?

  • Juan Sheet

    "As for the other two candidates, one’s a local shop-keeper and the other’s a city lawyer. Their names? I couldn’t be bother to look them up, which sums up my overall apathy towards this election."

    It's a pretty shit article as well. How could you make a proper judgment on this when you didn't even research their names? Michael Mansfield, as the post points out, could be viewed as one of the most important lawyers knocking around today that's stood up for human rights (and according to the Times the majority of his work is legal aid).

    • Juan Sheet

      the post above mine, sorry.

  • Alex Bell

    Bring on Brian Blessed. At least he's amusing.
    I would have nominated David Gilmour. A Cambridge person to boot. Bit late now though. And they didn't ask me anyway.

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