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500 Unpaid Days Of Summer

Unpaid internships offer students the chance to really explore the area of work that they want to enter, without being blinded by a five-figure salary.

Brian Blessed: Best of a Bad Bunch?

It doesn’t matter if Brian Blessed becomes Chancellor, whoever gets elected will have little sway in the day-to-day running of the University. And besides, we already have two Sainsbury’s in Cambridge.

How To Pack

BEN DALTON splits packing into three easy steps: things that can be played with, things that can be talked about, and – believed by wisebodies nationwide to be most important – things that lead to food.

Summer Blog: Crystals, Castles and German Yoga

INDIA BARKER’s personality leaves a lot to be desired. But, don’t worry – she’s about to get in touch with her soul. If Yannick’s done it, so can India.