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Andrew Sheridan is a singer songwriter. So is The Rock. Hard men with soft sides. Tab sports searches out other sportsmen who have made the cultural crossover.

It has emerged that giant rugby player Andrew Sheridan is more than just a beefcake with the recent revelation that he has spent the past twelve months not just recovering from a shoulder injury, but also recording a 16 track long album bearing the catchy title “Where we go from here.”

Sheridan recorded the album at a recording studio in Manchester and only put it up for general release on Itunes after several friends commented on the quality of his tunes and urged him to upload them.

While this soft side to Sheridan is likely to shock the props he has bulldozed on the international stage, Tab sports can reveal that Sheridan is simply one in a long line of multi-talented sportsmen.

The Rock

The daddy of the crossover “the Rock”, born Dwayne Johnson, was a talented college football player who was part of the University of Miami’s championship winning side. After injury hampered his football career Johnson realized his true calling; sporting black budgie smugglers and high-octane man-on-man action.

Having been trained by his father in the arts of man-bashing, Johnson became part of the WWF and, after a series of “people’s elbows” and “rock bottoms”, won the WWF championship seven times and attained hero status.


Johnson still had more fields to delve into and in 2000 made his literary debut with his autobiography, The Rock Says, which achieved number one on the The New York Times best-seller list. Johnson had still not satisfied his thirst for culture and moved in on Hollywood, landing his first leading role in The Scorpion King in 2002. Since then he has starred in, amongst many illustrious others, Gridiron Gang, The Game Plan and The Other Guys.

Vinnie Jones

One of football’s hardest ever men. Jones was sent off 12 times in his career, holds the record for the quickest ever booking – coming after just 3 seconds of play in a match between Chelsea and Sheffield United – and got up close and personal with Gazza.

Jones has capitalized on his tough guy image in his pursuit of a film career. Guy Ritchie snapped him up most notably for Lock stock and two smoking barrels in which he played a street-wise brawler and Jones played the bullish Juggernaut in X-Men: The last stand.

Jones has also branched out into music. He has featured on a Joss Stone album and in November 2002, under the tutelage of Phil Collins, he released an album on Telstar called Respect .

Shaquille O’Neal

Most famously known for his skills on the basketball court “Shaq” has also tried his freakishly large hand at rapping. He has released 6 albums during his 17 years in the rap game and acquired ridiculous monikers such as “Shaq Fu” and “Diesel”. Nevertheless, he is the only NBA player to have a platinum album (his debut, Shaq diesel, in 1993) but given the quality of his lyrics this is somewhat surprising. The following is a sample of one of his Killa’ lines from The Bomb Baby;

Camillion get the party started
Make ya tear the club up
Back in retarded because I’m cold hearted
Step through the door gambino hard core mosquito
Keep on soaking you up like El Nino

Honourable mention

Terry Tait – Real name Lester Speight

Similarly to The Rock, Speight began as a college football player before hard times forced him into wrestling. His big break in acting came with the Terry Tait “office linebacker” commercials for Reebok. First aired during Super Bowl 38 the ads have become an internet viral and inspired numerous spoofs.


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