REVIEW: The Vanderbilt Melodores & Cadenza

Nashville, Tennessee picked itself up and moved inside Jesus College Chapel. Yes, really. Yes, it’s gone now.

REVIEW: Jesus Christ Superstar

Peter Curry is wowed by the frenzied energy of this charismatic production.

REVIEW: CUMTS Gala Night 2016: Live in Living Colour!

Warning: ecstatic reviewer.

TTA Poll: Best Vocalist

Review: BARE

As a production, BARE is almost perfect. Tonight’s performance was less so, but we both recognise its potential.

Preview: BARE

BARE is set to have you dancing and crying with a strong musical score and talented cast

Review: Best of Show Choir

FREYA HARRIS is pleasantly surprised by the cheesy tunes of the CU Show Choir

Review: [title of show]

WILL POPPLEWELL is blown away by an evening of entertainment from some of Cambridge’s finest.

Tab Meets: The King’s Men

ANNA WILMOT talks to the swoon-worthy, beautifully talented ‘King’s Men’ to chat about their new album and plans for May Week.

Hunter Allen – The Breakfast Blues

HUNTER ALLEN’s got milk. Or has he? Here he is making a song and dance about it.

Tab Meets: The Gentlemen of St John’s

The highlight of the Bridgemas social calendar, Gents at the Maypole, is happening tonight. We caught up with Xavier Hetherington and Quintin Beer, two of the Gents, to talk carols, choirs and Gangnam Style.


HANNAH MIRSKY is left breathless by a show that has fun in (almost) the filthiest way possible.


TabTV’s second video of the amazingly talented Nick Mulvey


TabTV starts the new year with a beautiful song from the much talented Nick Mulvey.

Fitz Barbershop

LAURA PUGH and JEFF CARPENTER provide two very different views of Fitz Barbershop’s cheesy fun.

Some Enchanted Evening

ELLIE OGILVIE toe-taps and shimmies away them ol’ Week 5 blues.

Tab Tries: Being a Street Entertainer

LUCY BUTTERFIELD is cynical about buskers, but The Tab encouraged her to grab a guitar and her best singing voice and become one of them by wooing the passers by of Cambridge with a ditty or two.

Sing When We’re Winning

Cambridge proved their dominance over Oxford once again this weekend, this time in the singing stakes.

The X Factor Obsession

With 19 million people still watching, and Indiana Jones theme tunes still playing, GILLIAN WHITTAKER asks, when will it end?

Sing When You’re Not Winning

Andrew Sheridan is a singer songwriter. So is The Rock. Hard men with soft sides. Tab sports searches out other sportsmen who have made the cultural crossover.