A Warwick Uni professor has gone missing in Chile and hasn’t been seen for two weeks

Thomas Marsh allegedly argued with a PhD student before he disappeared

An astrophysics professor from the University of Warwick has been reported missing for nearly two weeks in Chile.

Professor Thomas Marsh, 60 years old, was last seen on September 16th near the remote mountain observatory La Silla on the outskirts of the Atacama Desert where he was working.

Thomas had travelled to Chile with an unnamed PhD student to study the night sky from the remote observatory.

It was reported that Thomas and the 23-year-old student had argued before he disappeared but there is no evidence at this time to suggest the student played a role in Thomas’ dissaperance.

The PhD student raised the alarm after Thomas failed to show up to begin observations as arranged.

Thomas’ clothes and other belongings were reported to have been found in his room after he was last seen.

Sniffer dogs and drones are being used to search for Thomas in the area around the remote observatory.

In a statement, Thomas’ family said: “We are deeply concerned for Tom and miss him, and would ask anyone who may have information on his whereabouts to please help.”

Adrian Vega, the regional prosecutor in Chile, told local press: “There is no evidence which leads us to think he is not alive.

“We continue to look for a person who is alive and lost with all the means we have at our disposal, so we can give his family peace of mind. We are in permanent contact with them.”

Featured image via Warwickshire Police.

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