Former Warwick Uni student on trial for leading Neo-Nazi group

The group called for an ‘all-out race war’

A former student from the University of Warwick is currently on trial, accused of being a member of National Action (NA), a neo-Nazi group. 

Coventry Live reports that Alex Davies, 27 years old, was involved with the group from December 17 2016 to September 27 2017. 

The University of Warwick alumnus and co-founder of the neo-Nazi group told a court that it was the start of “exciting times”, following the group’s ban by the UK government as a terrorist organisation in December 2016. 

Whilst Davies admits to have been a member of National Action, he denies allegations that he was still involved with the group after it was banned. 

Davies, who studied philosophy, founded the group during his time as a student at Warwick in 2013. 

The Boar also reports that during his time at the university, Davies and other NA members had interrupted a Warwick Anti-Sexism society protest, as well as putting posters up around campus. 

Prosecutor Barnaby Jameson told Winchester Crown court that the group was banned after they had “terrorised” towns across the country, calling for an “all-out race war”. 

The court also heard that National Action had intentions of completing the work of Adolf Hitler and had “celebrated” the murder of MP Jo Cox after she was stabbed and shot multiple in times in June 2016.

The court was told that members of the NA would gather weapons for demonstrations, where they would call for “traitors to be gassed” in various anti-semitic speeches. 

Davies is also accused of running NA under a new name, NS131, after it was banned. These allegations include travelling across the country to meet with other members of the group. 

Davies, from Swansea, wrote on December 12 2016 (the day the group was banned): “Make sure they understand the SUBSTANCE of NA is the people, our talents, the bonds between us, our ideas and our sustained force of will”.

“All of that will continue into the future. We are just shedding one skin for another. All genuinely revolutionary movements in the past have needed to exist partly underground. These are exciting times.”

The trial continues.

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