How to get 1,000 Instagram followers, by people who’ve done it

It’s all about keeping up a consistent aesthetic


Since it’s all about aesthetics on social media nowadays, we’ve asked some of Warwick’s most followed Instagram users to share their secrets on how to create the perfect Instagram account.

Frankie Edmondson, Second Year, English Lit and Theatre 


“You will get more likes and acknowledgement for more promiscuous pictures and if your surroundings are really nice i.e the beach or the mountains. Also, keep up with a consistent aesthetic.”

Inès Echahed, Second Year Erasmus, PAIS with Business 


“I mostly post photos of food, travels, landscape and portraits. My little brother usually takes a lot of spontaneous pictures of me when we are traveling, which is definitely better than static photos, because it’s more living and more honest.

“I really think that Instagram should reflect who we are and what we love and not what we do to get likes and followed back. The hours you post your photos are relevant. I noticed that photos are most likely to be seen at noon, or around 6pm and 9pm because people check their Instagram at those times.”

Karisma Rajurkar, Second Year, Management with Finance 


“Try to post high resolution photos with good lighting, don’t just post snapchat selfies. Download apps like VSCO and Afterlight to perfect your photos. Use self-deprecating captions like calling yourself out when you do something really instagrammy and don’t write anything too cringy. Follow back everyone you know, like other people’s photos and always reply to your comments! And if all else fails, you can just post a black and white photo.”

Sebastian Porter, Second Year, Management


“I think consistent quality is a must, I’m more about landscapes and general photography rather than selfies. Perhaps that’s why people follow me? Also, even though I’m not always active or supporting other people on Instagram, stay interacted with your followers. I do all my editing on my computer and then post them to Instagram raw with no filter – I guess I’m old school.”

Sean Hudspeth, Second Year, Engineering


“Most of my followers are fans from all the races I’ve done around the world, but I try to post important things, inspirational and motivational things that people can relate to. I try to imagine what kind of person would inspire me and who I’d like to follow and then try to become that person, I don’t believe in using loads of unnecessary hashtags or anything like that. I try not to edit my photos too much because there’s a risk of it looking artificial.”

João Barreiros, Second Year, Engineering 


“For a good insta pic, you need to start with the content. Ask yourself, what’s happening in my life that I would want to share to the public? It is very important that you tell a story – don’t get too stuck on the likes! Use your eyes behind the camera and be creative about it; make sure you capture the moment by using good lighting, shapes, lines and angles and keep it simple.

“The filters are important but don’t over do it! Let the picture speak for itself and use filters as a way to make the pictures more appealing. Always think wisely about your caption, it tells the story as much as the picture does and it keeps people engaged. Funny captions always work out well.”

How to get up to 1000 new followers

  • Post at peak times, either midday or between 6pm and 9pm
  • Reply to every comment on your posts
  • Follow back and follow other users with similar interests to you, like and comment on their pictures
  • Be honest and maintain an aesthetic

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