We asked your opinion on the new gender neutral toilets

“Why not?”

University of Warwick have just announced that they will be building gender neutral toilets this year, so we asked you what you thought about that.

Shaun, Second year, Chemistry

It’s a step in the right direction. People that are complaining are being more contrarian than anything. If it makes people happier and feel safer, then it’s great!

Marie, Second year, Psychology

If it’s for the comfort of others, then great!

Bisola and Alex, Second year, Chemistry

Bisola: It can only be a good thing, I wouldn’t be offended.

Alex: I don’t really have an opinion.

Ed, Third year, Economics

It’s good, but won’t it be quite expensive? How big is the actual demand?

Laura, Second Year, History and Reem, Third Year, Biomedical Sciences

Laura: It’s good to see that the university is recognising that there is a demand. It shouldn’t bother anyone.

Reem: That’s great, why not?

Rosie, Second year, History and Sociology

I think it’s an excellent idea. It’s about time they did!

Pablo, Second year, Economics

If everyone can use them, it does no harm.

Dhruve, Third year, Engineering and Business management and Alejandra, Second year, PPE

We think it’s a good idea. It doesn’t do any harm, so if people want it, then its not a problem.