Warwick introduces gender neutral toilets

The plans will take place campus-wise throughout 2017

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The University of Warwick recently confirmed that they will be converting single occupancy toilets across campus into gender neutral ones.

Warwick Pride have been campaigning for gender neutral toilets through their online petition since 2015, collecting over 600 signatures, and have now achieved their goals.

The development is hoped to increase inclusivity for trans and non-binary students. Public toilets are known to be a strong cause of anxiety for trans and non-binary people, and having non-gendered toilets across campus is a step towards wider acceptance at Warwick.

Ryan Girard, Warwick Anti-Sexism’s Transgender Representative, commented: “Having gender neutral bathrooms on campus makes me feel safe, validated and really happy. It helps a lot on a mental health perspective not to have to feel invalidated whenever I go to the bathroom.”

Warwick’s change follows similar developments at Nottingham University and Northampton University, amongst others.