Clubbers of the week

You didn’t think we’d forget did you?

These are the glorious clubbers from the end of last term. Looking at all these absolute seshers, we can say that we’re pretty excited for what you have in store for us next week!

Stunners of the week

Squad pic of the week

Runners up

Happiest clubbers of the week

Unhappiest clubber of the week

Best Pose

Most festive clubbers

Runners up

Clubbers caught in a moment

Grooviest clubbers of the week

Worst photobomb of the week

Wildest clubbers of the week

Sleepiest clubber of the week

Cutest clubbers of the week


Switch photography – by Jake Davis (

Keep the Faith photography – by Altaïr Margalet

ENTER photography –  by Gabrielė Stravinskaitė

Warwick Anti Sexism Society ‘Can’t Touch This’ Photography – by Ife Akinroyeje and Emily Grieve

Kasbah – by Kasbah Nightclub

Kelsey’s – by Kelsey’s Nightclub