Warwick Devils cheerleading squad wow on Britain’s Got Talent


The beauties of the Warwick Devils, our very own cheerleading squad, appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.

The team, which did not actually audition for BGT, was approached and asked to perform as part of the opening credits and for the fillers of the show. They did so well, they were then asked to audition.


History and Politics student Izzy Coomer said: “We did filming on two different days. First of all in December, we did a stunting performance with 15 of us that was filmed for potential use as fillers, and then our pom squad was also asked to do some dancing for a dance off scene in the dressing room and waiting areas.”



They hung out with Ant and Dec after filming with several other performers. They were even filmed by a speed boat on the Thames.

Izzy added: “We got to travel down to London and spend a couple of hours filming on a boat up and down the River Thames. We were positioned around Ant and Dec for various shots while they delivered the same opening line again and again for different takes.

“There was the helicopter shot, a boat shot and a speed boat taking footage too. The other people who had been part of the opening included carnival performers, dancers and jugglers. We got to meet Ant and Dec, and they are exactly how they are TV”.


Their success on BGT follows a year of winning for Warwick’s Devils, who have made us proud by becoming national champions in three categories (Large Stunt Co-ed Level 3, Pom Dance, Small Stunt Co-ed Level 4).